Official video ”I’m Moving Up”


Booking at tel no +37258371692




6 thoughts on “Official video ”I’m Moving Up”

  1. Hello,we saw and hear you singing ,with a little festival in holland (billy in bottendaal ) it was great ,
    Youre voice is very different ,I bought also the dvd. Nice .Songs like …four o clock ,last train to san fernando ,alabhama jailhouse,
    Whow ,and a very good gitar player…..good band THANKS for the nice music…GRT WICHARD

  2. Dear listeners,
    I send you the list of DIXIE REBEL BOP program of September 2016, will be heard on Thursdays and Saturdays here: look times (Schedule)

    1-Floyd Turnham “Rocket Ride” Lp CHD-284
    2-Kenny Owens “Long Lost John” Lp WLP-8859
    3-Hazy Osterwald “Solid Man” Lp BB-022
    4-Little Hudson “Shake It Baby” Lp Fly-568
    5-The Lloyd Lambert Orchestra “Heavy Sugar” Lp CH-165
    6-Ervin Rucker “Whoa Whoa Whoa” Lp LTD-602
    7-The Riot Rockers “It´s Sadurday Night” Lp CR-30158
    8-The Four Pladds “Ruby Baby” Lp RMM-629
    9-Lawrence Welk & his Champagne Music “Canadian Capers” Lp MG-20092
    10-Alis Lesley “Heartbreak Harry” 10” SR-1010
    11-Tony Casanova “My Little Nancy” 10” SR-1013
    12-Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers “Old Black Joe” 10” BBR-00041/248106
    13-Ronnie Smith “Tiny Kiss” 10” SR-1012
    14-Eddie Cash “Thinkin´Man” 10” SR-1011
    15-Marcos Sendarrubias “Cincinnati Fireball “ 10” Caremela Records
    16-Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes “Much Later” RBR-334
    17-Ray Collins´Hot-Club “Barefoot” SR-106
    18-Johnny Kay Orchestra “Montebello Blues” C-22119
    19-Legacaster “Boppin´Guitar” CRT-SP03
    20-Blas Picon and the Junk Express “Love To Share” CR-001
    21-Anita O´Night & the Mercury Trio “Call Me Up” SR-103
    22-King James with Orchestra “Wild Wooly Woman” RELL-1004
    23-Roy Thompson & the Mellow Kings fest: Little Lou “Rise Sally Rise” SR-79
    24-Florian Monday and his Mondos “Rip It, Rip It Up” NR-45192
    25-The Jive Bombers “Hole In The Wall” Goofy-589
    26-Joe Boot and the Fabulous Winds “That´s Tought” Celestial-111
    27-Mike Waggoner and the Bops “Guitar Man” NR-191
    28-Fiasco and the Majestics “The Big Heat” RBR-4545
    29-Don and the Galaxies “NR-070
    30-Freddie Sunder “Rio Rita” GIP-3006
    31-Don Cherry “Rumble Boogie” PHILIPS-321795
    32-Teddy Reynolds “Louise” KAIN RECORDS
    33-Johnny Otis Orchestra “Turtle Dove” Dig Records
    34-Mr Sad Head with Billy Ford Orchestra “Butcher Boy” Swingin Records

    Rockin´regards from Catalonia
    Deejay EddieCesc

  3. What can I say, Maryann & The Tri-tones is a Class Act. I was very lucky to record them in a place I’m very familiar with where they delivered a stunning performance.

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